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Welcome to New York’s Finest, ADR Security – your trusted partner in safeguarding the heart of the city. With state-of-the-art surveillance solutions and unwavering dedication, we’re committed to your safety and peace of mind. Explore our superior services tailored to meet your security needs.


See Who Is at the Door Before You Let Them In

Secure your business or home with ADR's video intercom system, allowing you to identify visitors before granting access and keep intruders at bay.


Peace of Mind

Ensure peace of mind with our cutting-edge technology. Choose from a variety of surveillance systems and digital video recorders tailored to meet your needs.


Control Access to Any Area of Your Home or Business

Grant, restrict or track movement across all your property locations using keypad, digital key, key FOB or fingerprint readers. ADR’s professional team will provide consultations and advise on increasing and protecting your assets, while also handling the installation and management of your systems.


Protection Simplified, Contact Us Today

Your home or business is guaranteed to stay secure because of ADR's proven, tested and certified alarm system. Our alarm system has the highest security rating in the country and can protect your home or business from break-ins, robberies, intruders and vandalism.


Quality Installation, Maximum Protection and Real Support

Top builders, architects, insurance underwriters, engineers and high-profile individuals seek ADR’s expertise. Our team has designed and installed some of the most advanced security solutions.

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