Electronic Access

Electronic Access Control has significant advantages over mechanical locks:

  1. Add and delete key fobs anytime – on site, or remotely from any connected device
  2. Eliminate the expense of re-keying locks and replacing keys when one key is lost
  3. Generate activity reports quickly and easily
  4. Lock and unlock doors on a schedule, lockdown all doors in an emergency
  5. Monitor doors propped or forced open

ADR Security’s exclusive ADRcard program offers the convenience of keyfob and/or key card management. We also print access cards, on-demand with logo, photo and any other custom information, and protected with a holographic film.

ADR’s management team has decades of experience specifying, engineering, installing and servicing access control systems from one door to hundreds of doors. With solutions including DMP, DSX and Honeywell and an unmatched ability to maintain and upgrade proprietary systems, ADR is the clear choice.

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