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Limitless Intrusion Protection and Services

With our crystal-clear video quality and customizable features, you can effectively deter intruders, monitor activities, and investigate incidents with ease.

Stay Alert

Heard But Not Seen

ADR panic buttons are the best way to ensure your safety and security no matter what time of day it is. With a number of panic button options, there’s an ADR panic button for every living situation.

Single Unit

Discreet and Powerful

Whether you want a device with voice-activation in your bedroom, or something unobtrusive in the office, ADR has the perfect alarm system for you!


Leading the Industry

One of the leading company in the industry of intrusion alarms, security cameras, and access control. We have helped countless clients from all over the world take care of their safety with our top-quality alarms, such as ADR 50 for residential homes and ADR 75 for small to medium-sized businesses.